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ASD Assessments for young children, teenagers and adults

Over the last decade, it has become increasingly common for paediatricians to screen with ASD Assessments for autism during regular child check-ups, and to refer children showing early signs of autism for an appropriate assessment.

Our assessments are undertaken by our multi-disciplinary team of senior psychologists, clinical psychotherapists, alongside and where necessary, other professionals such as Speech and Language specialists.

We conform to strict protocols and adhere to the current NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) published guidelines, which are recognised and accepted by NHS England and SEN.

We work collaboratively with parents and clients, commissioners of our service for local authorities and both public and private sector health services, with whom we have built positive relationships.

Our thorough assessments are aimed at providing the best reliability and accuracy in order to understand the individual fully. 

Upon completion of our full assessment protocol we can issue a diagnostic letter almost immediately, that will contain brief details of assessment findings, as well our diagnosis and/or recommendations. A full diagnostic report will follow as quickly as possible within 20 weeks.

We aim to complete all assessments within 20 weeks of the date of referral, and feedback our conclusion in a timely manner. We work using a hybrid delivery system, utilising both virtual platforms and face-to-face appointments in our head office, in Ashford, Kent.

As a guide, our fees for a full ASD assessment are £2295.


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