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ASD Assessments

In the realm of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) assessments, our commitment to comprehensive and timely evaluations spans across various age groups, encompassing young children, teenagers, and adults. In the past decade, there has been a notable shift in the proactive screening for autism, especially among young children, during routine check-ups conducted by paediatricians. Recognizing the importance of early detection, our team is dedicated to conducting thorough assessments for those displaying early signs of autism.

Our approach to ASD assessments is characterized by a multi-disciplinary team of senior psychologists and clinical psychotherapists. Additionally, we collaborate with other professionals such as Speech and Language specialists, ensuring a holistic evaluation process. To maintain the highest standards, we adhere to strict protocols aligned with the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines. These guidelines are not only recognized but also accepted by NHS England and SEN (Special Educational Needs).

Our collaborative efforts extend beyond the immediate assessment process. We actively engage with parents, clients, local authorities, and both public and private sector health services. Building positive relationships with our stakeholders allows us to provide a service that is both effective and supportive.

Recognizing the urgency in obtaining accurate information, upon completion of our full assessment protocol we can issue a diagnostic letter almost immediately, that will contain brief details of assessment findings, as well our diagnosis and/or recommendations. A full diagnostic report will follow as quickly as possible within 20 weeks. 

We strive to complete all assessments within 20 weeks of the referral date. Our commitment to efficiency is complemented by a hybrid delivery system, incorporating both virtual platforms and face-to-face appointments at our head office in Ashford, Kent.

Addressing the need for transparency, we provide feedback on our conclusions in a timely manner, fostering an environment of trust and understanding. Moreover, our commitment to accessibility is reflected in our fee structure, with a full ASD assessment priced at £2295.

While our focus is on assessments for children, we also extend our services to adult ASD assessments. Acknowledging the unique challenges and considerations that arise in adulthood, our team is equipped to navigate the complexities of diagnosing autism in this demographic. Whether for young children, teenagers, or adults, our mission remains steadfast – to provide reliable, accurate, and timely ASD assessments that contribute to a better understanding of the individual's needs and pave the way for appropriate support and intervention.

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