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Autism Assessments for young children, teenagers and adults

Purple Octopus is dedicated to providing comprehensive private autism assessments, catering to individuals seeking clarity and understanding in the realm of autism spectrum disorders. Our team, composed of experienced professionals, conducts thorough assessments following established protocols to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Our private autism assessments adhere to the highest standards, incorporating recognized guidelines applicable in the UK. We understand that autism assessments are not limited to a specific age group, and thus, our services extend to cover both child and adult autism assessments. This inclusivity allows us to address the unique needs of individuals across different stages of life.

Upon completion of our full assessment protocol we endeavour to issue a diagnostic letter as quickly as possible.  A full diagnostic report will follow as quickly as possible within 20 weeks.

The process of our private autism assessments involves a meticulous approach, utilising a multi-disciplinary team that includes seasoned psychologists and specialists in autism spectrum disorders. We follow stringent protocols to guarantee the quality and accuracy of our assessments, aligning with the latest standards and guidelines within the UK.

For adult autism assessments, our team employs a comprehensive and empathetic approach, recognising the unique challenges faced by adults seeking an autism diagnosis. We create a supportive environment that encourages open communication and collaboration, ensuring that individuals feel comfortable throughout the assessment process.

At Purple Octopus, we understand the importance of privacy and sensitivity when it comes to autism assessments. Our private autism assessments prioritise confidentiality and respect the individual's need for a discreet and personalised evaluation. This commitment extends to our transparent communication with clients, providing them with a clear understanding of the assessment process, its duration, and the expected outcomes.

Our services are not confined to a specific location; rather, we provide autism assessments across the UK, recognising the diverse needs of individuals seeking our expertise. Purple Octopus is committed to delivering assessments that go beyond a diagnostic label, aiming to provide insights that contribute to a better understanding of an individual's strengths, challenges, and unique characteristics.

In summary, Purple Octopus offers private autism assessments that prioritise accuracy, sensitivity, and inclusivity. Whether for children or adults, our dedicated team ensures that the assessment process is thorough, respectful, and tailored to the unique needs of each individual, fostering a supportive environment for those seeking answers and understanding within the realm of autism spectrum disorders.

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