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ADHD Assessment for young children, teenagers and adults

At Purple Octopus, ADHD assessments are conducted meticulously, following a comprehensive process that involves evidenced-based assessment protocols, behavioral observations, and in-depth clinical interviews. The cornerstone of our approach lies in the collaboration of our multi-disciplinary team, comprising senior psychologists and clinical psychotherapists, supplemented by professionals like Speech and Language specialists when required.

Strict adherence to established protocols is our commitment, aligning with the latest guidelines set forth by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence), a standard recognized and accepted by NHS England and SEN (Special Educational Needs). This commitment extends to our collaborative efforts with parents, clients, Local Authorities, and both public and private health services, fostering positive relationships that contribute to the effectiveness of our assessments.

Our assessments are designed to provide unparalleled reliability and accuracy, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the individual under evaluation.

Upon completion of our full assessment protocol we can issue a diagnostic letter almost immediately, that will contain brief details of assessment findings, as well our diagnosis and/or recommendations. A full diagnostic report will follow as quickly as possible within 20 weeks.

We prioritize efficiency, aiming to complete all assessments within a 20-week timeframe from the date of referral, with timely feedback on our conclusions. Our delivery system is dynamic, incorporating a hybrid model that combines virtual platforms and face-to-face appointments at our Ashford, Kent head office.

For those seeking a private ADHD assessment, we offer a transparent fee structure, with Child ADHD assessments priced at £1150 and Adult ADHD assessments at £795. Embracing the potential of telemedicine, a significant portion of our ADHD assessments can be conducted virtually, eliminating the necessity for in-person appointments when not essential. This flexibility not only expedites the assessment process but also accommodates the diverse needs and preferences of our clients.

In summary, our commitment to excellence is evident in our thorough, collaborative, and timely ADHD assessments, which prioritize the individual's understanding and well-being. Whether through virtual means or in-person consultations, our goal remains unwavering – to provide a reliable and accurate assessment for those seeking a deeper understanding of ADHD.

As a guide, our fees for a Child ADHD assessment is £1150, and £795 for an Adult ADHD Assessment. 

The majority of our ADHD assessments can be completed without the need for face-to-face appointments using virtual telemedical services where necessary.

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